5 Things All Men Must Learn To Do

Today, I’m bringing you an important list. It’s a list of things all men must learn to do. If you can’t do any of these things, then you’ll have a tough time navigating life as a man!


Wash Your Clothes

We’ll start things off with one of the trickiest tasks in the world; washing your clothes. For a lot of men, this is an art that takes years to master. Others are lucky; they’re born with the gift of being able to operate a washing machine properly. For years, you were able to rely on your parents to wash clothes for you. Mum was happy to do it, as it meant you weren’t walking around like a tramp in dirty clothes. But, slowly but surely, you have to grow up. The trouble with washing your clothes is that there’s a lot more to think about than it seems. You can’t just chuck everything in the machine and press ‘Go’. I’ve tried that before, it ended with half my clothes shrinking, and all the white stuff being dyed a different colour. No, you need to inspect every item of clothing and look at the tag to see how you should wash it. Sometimes, you need to put in two or three separate loads to ensure everything washes correctly. It will be stressful, but you can get through it with a cold beer in your hand.


Change A Blown Fuse

There are plenty of times when an electrical appliance stops working. You stand there, scratching your head, wondering what the problem is. Didn’t you just buy that kettle a few months ago? How on earth has it stopped working already?! Most of the time, the reason for this is a blown fuse in the plug. So, you have to change it. It’s an important life skill that will make you feel like an electrician for a few minutes. I’m ashamed to admit that I only changed my first fuse a couple of days ago. I’ve changed thirty-two since. I just can’t stop; I like taking the plug apart because it makes me feel like a proper handyman. Plus, my girlfriend is well impressed with my skills. It’s easy to change a fuse, just Google it and you’ll become a pro in about five minutes.



Cook A Steak

Steak is the most manliest of foods out there. There are few meals as satisfying as a well-cooked steak. It transports us back to primal times when we were cavemen hunting for food and eating meat all day. Very few people utter a word when they’re eating a good steak. There’s a silence shared around the dinner table. No words are spoken, but everyone is thinking the same thing; damn this steak is good. For men, cooking a steak is essential. You must learn how to properly cook the manliest of meals. It’s something you can impress your wife/girlfriend with. It’s a go-to meal when you’re on your own and have to cook for yourself. And, if you ever admit to someone that you can’t cook steak, you’ll probably be made to take a Game Of Thrones style walk of shame. Get those Jamie Oliver cookbooks out, and start learning how to cook a steak.


Change A Tyre

Changing a tyre is yet another life skill that all men must learn to do. You never know when it can come in handy, and you could end up being someone’s knight in shining armour when they get a puncture. Plus, people will look down on you if you can’t perform emergency tyre fitting. It’s something that’s expected of all men, so you better start learning. If you want, start off small and learn how to change a bike tyre. Then, you can progress onto cars and wow everyone with your mechanical prowess. In fact, while you’re at it, you may as well learn how to check tyre pressure too. And, make sure you know how to inflate your tyres if the pressure is low. All of this will come in handy throughout your life.




You probably weren’t expecting me to end things with something so deep were you? But, it’s true, all men must learn to listen. Believe me; it can help you out a lot. Mainly, it helps during relationships. You have to be prepared to listen to your partner and always agree with her. If Sandra from work was annoying today, then you listen and agree! And, if you listen, you’ll end up in fewer arguments, and she can never complain that you don’t take an interest in her day.

Make sure you learn how to do these things if you can’t already! Then, you’re ready to be the ultimate man.


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