Alarming Truths That You Didn’t Know About Technology

Technology has made a lot of positive impact on our everyday lives. Young people have access to a massive amount of information that was unreachable to the past generations. Older people can keep in touch with their children even if they are living miles away. Businesses can save a lot of money and time by automating their processes and consumers have the ability to choose their favourite products and services from the comfort of their own.

These are just a few advantages technology has brought are way. However, since technology is not always utilized according to the right regulations, there are a number of alarming side effects that they could cause.

High levels of radiation is everywhere

Radiation is a common phenomenon that is observed in the day to day world. It is also very useful in a number of industries including the medical field. However, exposure to high levels of radiation also has the ability to cause a number of medical conditions including cancers and genetic mutations. This is because the heat generated by radiation has enough power to make the molecules of our body to vibrate and deform.

Mobile phones, computers and batteries are only some of the devices that emit large amounts of radiation. Even though these devices have been some of the most valuable inventions using technology, the properties of radiation that it contains can harm the user’s health in many ways.

Environmental pollution is caused due to technology

Most technological devices are produced use chemicals and substances that have been artificially synthesized. When such devices are disposed to the environment after being used for a few years, they tend to add components are not very easily degradable to the soil – creating pollutants.

These harmful substances get accumulated in food cycles over time and can cause damage on both the environment and people. Since more and more technological devices are produced and used by the present world, this problem is only going to increase.

People are becoming less human

While technology has made people smarter and more able, it has also taken away certain qualities that make them human. People are losing life skills and street smarts because they are always dependent on technology to guide them. They have become less able to think for their own selves.

At the same time, people have become so engrossed in technology that they tend to avoid real world relationships and interactions. Certain studies have discussed the possibility of the high use of technology to be a probably cause for certain mental disorders such as depression as well.

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