Choosing Meaningful Topic Ideas for Men’s Magazine

Whether you are writing an article or compiling a new blog post for a men’s journal, it is necessary to focus on specific interest areas of your readers. In this case, it is men. While the line between interests, hobbies and passions are becoming more and more blurred between men and women, there are still topics that would interest men more than they would interest women. When pitching a good article for a male audience it is these areas that you should focus on. Take a look at what is given below to see some of the examples.

Choosing Hot Topics

Magazines such as Playboy or Stuff have one thing in common. They tend to focus more on the ideas of sex and erotica, including their ‘hot’ covers. When it comes to topic ideas and tips for pitching articles to men’s magazines sex and erotica has always been a popular topic. While you too can choose to write about related content, you can also take it up a notch by not merely focussing on how erotic your article is but also on sexual health or related tips.

Promote a Product

A well written review about a product or a brand is always appreciated in journalism. There are plenty for you to choose. When it comes to men’s clothing brands, cars, sports equipment or even something such as gym fit outs Australia has plenty of brands to choose from. To make things interesting you can pick a product that is more talked of at the time you write the article, or a brand that is new and upcoming. This will attract more readers to your article as it is up-to-date and relevant.

Explore Taboo Topics

In every area of journalism, there are taboo topics or topics that some maybe too shy or hesitant to write about. However, as a writer, tackling these topics carefully is more important than ignoring them altogether.

Breaking the myths about male grooming or fashion for example will be a good area to focus on. Similarly, you can talk of things such as mental health, sex and gender or even sexuality. But make sure to tackle these topics wisely so you do not offend any party. You can always do extra research about what you want to write before actually drafting your article.

Interests and Hobbies

Finally, one of the most common areas in a lifestyle magazine is interests and hobbies. Of course, you can go for some of the common areas such as vehicles, sports, latest gadgets and tools, fitness and exercise, and even movies and books.

Articles on men’s interests have also now expanded into fashion and style as well. If your target audience is youth – young adults or teenagers you can also focus on helpful an educational topic such as helping them with career advice or tips, choosing their majors at college and finding their passions etc.

A good article is something that the readers can relate to. However, it also needs to be interesting and something that is unique. Your article will lose interest if it is something every other writer talk of. Therefore, make sure to research well – both about your topic and your readers before you sit down to write.


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