Different Ways To Send Files Through A Computer

In this digitally driven world, almost everyone needs to learn the basics of computing. Definitely, on can’t live and survive without knowing at least how to make a call, send files and am as these things have been transformed into skills that one should know, especially when you plan to start working. Why? For almost any type of work, you will need such skills and if you don’t, there is a lower chance that you will be hired. Most probably, you also have encountered problems while sending files. You must have searched for ways to solve this. To help you with that, here are some tips that might be of use when sending files.

1. Emails

Email attachment is most probably the most convenient way to send large files. Although there is a limit for attachments, this is a pretty good way to send files especially when there is no image or videos involved. The limit is usually 20 to 25 MB which makes it not ideal for sending images, but good enough for other form of files.

2. File Sharing Services

There are many file-sharing services available for free. These file-sharing services allow you to create, import or export files and share it with other members. All you have to do is add them or give them access to the files that you want to share with them. There is no complication at all. Moreover, you just can copy the link, send it to the person and on an instant, that person can already access the file that you have. Some file-sharing services will not even require you to sign up an account in order to access the file. This is a very simple and convenient way to do that.

3. File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a set of procedures that are commonly used when uploading and sending files between and among computers over the cloud. In here, the user should at least have technical expertise and resources. This includes transmitting process set up and file creation which will be uploaded. The good thing about FTP is that the file stays with time. This means that you can access it over and over again no matter how many years have passed.

4. Flash Drives

This is the old and most risky way to transfer files as they can be corrupted easily especially when plugged into a computer with a virus. Flash drives are prone to getting infected with viruses but are a good means to have your files with you especially when there is no internet connection available in the area. In order to avoid losing your files when using flash drives, save it on all flash drives that you have so that you will always have a backup copy with you.

Sending files is definitely something that everyone should learn as you will need it at least once in your life. It is not really hard at all and mastering it won’t even make you sweat. In doing so, you have to make sure that you are sending the right file to the right person especially when the file is exclusively for a certain person only.


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