Why Should You Do A Dilapidation Building Inspection?

Dilapidation inspections can be basically defined as a detailed report on the condition of a property at any point in time. This report that is made after the initial inspection and will contain invaluable information on any defects and weaknesses in the structural integrity of the property itself and how prolonged exposure to things like demolition and excavation can affect the property or badly damage it in the long run. These inspections can be conducted on various types of buildings and properties from old homes, corporate offices and even shopping malls. Dilapidation inspections for large man-made structures such as airports and bridges can be conducted on an annual basis by the relevant authorities to ensure that everything is up to the standard. Negligence can be costly and even life-threatening in extreme cases.

Why Would You Make An Inspection?

If big construction projects or excavation is being done at a site adjacent to your property then dilapidation reports become particularly useful in determining whether this would pose a problem to you or not. If construction is due to start on a neighboring site this inspection report is done before it so the status of your property is recorded. In the unfortunate event that your property sustains some damage then another inspection can be conducted to evaluate the difference in the condition before and after the event. This can be an important document to have in hand if you wish to claim compensation from the other party involved. The report itself would prove to be a very credible source backing up your claims for damage. Vibratory action increased route traffic, and powerful equipment can all be contributing factors in the degradation of your property.

Who Uses These Reports?

There are a few groups of people who look to utilize this report and of course a main group of people would be the property owners themselves. These reports act as a sort of insurance used to protect themselves in the event of property loss due to damage as a result of construction in the surrounding areas. Claims in the face of damages can be hard to pursue without the backing of concrete proof. This proof can be found in dilapidation inspections. If a more comprehensive report is required on the condition of the property then dilapidation surveys should be done. These come complete with recommendations and photographic evidence with time frames attached.

Quality Organizations

Most Quality organizations practice the habit of conducting dilapidation inspections before they commence large-scale projects. This minimizes the risk of any potential damage as a result of project work. In some cases it is a legal requirement to conduct such inspections to avoid any damages to properties in surrounding areas. Big corporates and multinational companies would look to go for large-scale construction projects to expand their business so this would mean that dilapidation inspections and reports will have to be done in order to proceed with the rest of the process. Ignoring such guidelines can lead to a bad reputation for the company and even the possibility of facing legal action in worse cases.


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