Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Perfect First Date

First dates can be very stressful for even the most experienced ones. The need to impress someone you are meeting for the first time can make you a little nervous as well. Therefore, it is always helpful to have some tips on how best to make your first date perfect, regardless of how scary it may seem.

Find out about your date

The first thing you should do is to find out about the person you are going on the date with. What sort of food does she like to eat, what kind of activities does she consider to be fun?

Would you appreciate flowers or chocolate? Is she a fan of surprises?

This information will be helpful for you when planning to date. You will be able to include elements that would impress her and make sure to avoid anything that would annoy her.

Get creative

Show your date that you are not like any other guy. Instead of going to an expensive restaurant, you could always select a small cafe by the beach if your date would enjoy the outdoors. Instead of buying her flowers, you could maybe get a book by her favourite author.

Similarly, you can replace every element of a conventional date with something more creative and unexpected. This way, your date will be constantly waiting to what you surprise her with next.

Be transparent

The easiest ways to impress a girl in to make them feel like that you are letting them into their life. Tell them about your life, your passions and your childhood. It won’t hurt to become a little transparent and allow her to see the real you.

This may seem like cliché advice; however, it is more effective than you’d think.

Have a good time yourself

This is a point where most people go wrong. They are so focused on making their date happy, that they forget to have a good time. What you don’t realize is that your lack of enjoyment may come across as being awkward or bored to the person in front of you.

Therefore, make sure that you include elements that you like to the agenda of the date as well. This way, you could be comfortable and enjoy the company of your date while making everything feel as natural as possible.

Throw out the call back rules

You don’t need to abide by any specific rules when calling the girl back. If you like the girl, don’t wait two or three days just so that you could look ‘hard to get’. People appreciate others when they are straightforward and clear about what they want to convey.

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