Laptop Vs Tablet: Which One Is Best For You?

Remember when choosing a laptop was pretty simple? There were very few on the market, and it was often quite clear which one was the best value for money. Ahh, those were the days right?!

Well, that’s all changed now. There have never been so many laptop manufacturers as there are now, but that isn’t the only dilemma for all you shoppers – you now need to decide whether you should stick with a laptop or switch to a tablet device. Of course, whichever one you choose will depend on your individual needs and requirements. Here are some things for you to take into account.


Without a doubt, tablet devices are the best when it comes to portability. Sure, you won’t have much trouble taking a laptop with you when you are on the go, but tablets are just way smaller and lighter. You’ll be able to fit any tablet into your bag or briefcase while it may be a bit of a struggle getting some of the larger laptops in!


The bigger the device, the quicker it will use up its battery. So, this is another point for tablet devices. There are other factors that affect battery too. Tablets don’t have much room for too much hardware or software compared to laptops, which is another reason their battery lasts longer. But it’s not all bad news for laptops. Take a look at to see the best laptops out at the minute. Some of them have some pretty impressive battery lives, and if you are willing to pay plenty, you might find a laptop that has a battery that could compete with a tablet’s!


As laptops are larger and have much better processes, you will find that they can perform a whole lot better than a tablet device. Their larger size can fit in a lot more advanced hardware! If you need a machine that will multitask and can cope with various programs and software open at the same time, then you should definitely choose a laptop over a laptop.


You can install lots of different apps for your tablets from or the Android app store. However, that’s all you can use to work on your tablet. When it comes to a laptop, though, you have a much wider choice of software programs – you don’t have to stick to apps! Plus, many people find that they prefer browsing the web on a laptop as the screen is bigger, and they don’t have to stick to mobile-responsive sites all the time.


Now we’re up to the main question – which is going to be cheaper to buy? Top-end laptops are definitely a lot more expensive than top-end tablets, but you will be getting more for your money.

When it comes down to your decision, you need to figure out how much you rely on your device. If you work on it every day and need a good performer, it will be best to go with a laptop. If it’s just for browsing the web or playing games, maybe stick to a cheaper tablet.


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