How to Plan the Most Memorable Wedding Proposal

Are you ready to pop the question to your loved one? If so, here’s how you can make it memorable for the two of you.

Remind Your Loved One of Your Journey So Far

When in a relationship, couples definitely tend to make milestone memories. These are the memories that strengthen their relationship, making it worthwhile to weather difficult situations together. Try recalling all your special moments. Help your fiancée-to-be remember these moments as well. it can be through photographs or revisiting places that mean something to the two of you or even doing activities that created those memories. Not only will it be a poignant moment as they recall all you’ve been through, it will also solidify their reasons for saying yes to your proposal.

Keep Them in Mind When Planning Out the Proposal

This is a given, without a doubt. However, what we mean here is about remembering those details that others may not be aware of. If they a liking for extremely dramatic and romantic gestures, then this is the way to go. Hire a skywriter, a diver at the aquarium, a romantic get-away that end with you proposing on your knees¾in other words, go all out romantic. If your loved one is more the shy type who is easily embarrassed, then it’s better if you try to plan your proposal in a more intimate setting. This doesn’t mean you need to make the gesture smaller or less dramatic. It just means lesser people will be this historic moment as it happens.

Hire a Photographer to Record the Special Moment

Here’s the thing. Thanks to how nervous we will be while proposing, and how exciting and overwhelming the entire experience will be, there’s a possibility that you and your loved one may not remember all the details of your proposal of the day when you try to recall this. Here’s where a professional proposal photographer New York will come in useful to you. They will make sure every detail of your proposal is recorded, and that you will eventually have a tangible reminder of the day to look back on. The best part? If you plan it in a way that your loved one doesn’t notice, you could even make it a surprise gift for a later date.

Make the Place Somewhere Important To the Two of You

The venue of the proposal is almost as important as the ring or the style of proposing. Make sure to think this through thoroughly. Try your best to select a place that is memorable or important to the two of you. It could be the place you first met, the place you went on your first date on, the place where something poignant happened…there’s a great deal for you to choose from. Most restaurants, resorts or friends (who’s house you met, for example) will be more than happy to lend you their place for a proposal.

Include Those Important To the Two of You at the Special Moment

Are your families very important to the two of you? If so, chances are that you might already be very familiar with each other’s families by now. In this case, consider including them for your special moment. They can all pop out the moment she says “yes”, to join you two as you celebrate the beginning of your life together.


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