Planning a reunion for your friends

As you grow older you will find that your childhood friends and family gets spread out across the globe. You will not see each other for a long period of time, other than by means such as facetime or skype. Therefore if you find yourself with them with geographical proximity that allows for you to meet, you should make the most of this opportunity. There are so many ways to catch up with your friends. You can do things that you used to do together, since these are the experiences that you are most likely to miss. You will also want to do a lot of catching up and discuss how much your lives have been changing. Here are a few ideas you can use for a get together of old friends.

Go out for a drink

You can go out for a drink and enjoy each others company that way. This is something you might have enjoyed doing together so it’s a great way to reminisce the old times. It’s ideal if the reunion is for a medium to large group of friends. If you are meeting up after a while and you are returning to your old home town you might find that the nightlife scene has changed since you were there last. Therefore you might have to do some research on good bars. For example you can search for bar Geelong and find great bars in Geelong if that is where you live.

You might also want to just go somewhere where you can sit and enjoy a nice beverage. Following the previous example, in such as instance you can search for cocktail bar in Geelong to find a nice cocktail bar where you can sit and have a drink while enjoying a conversation.

Go for a movie

Another option you can explore is going for a movie. This will work best if you are meeting one or two friends. It’s also idea if you enjoy going to the movies and if there is a new film that you are both a fan of. Since you can’t have a conversation at the movies you can combine this with dinner plans and make the most of your time together. Either way it’s a great way to form new memories.

Have a quiet dinner party at your house

If you have a lot of friends meeting up, possibly if many of you have come back to your old town for the season you can have a get together with a small dinner party at your house. It’s idea for a large group of friends. It’s also a relaxing way to spend time together and catch up.


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