How to Protect Your Roof From Bad Weather

Your roof does a great deal to protect you, your family, and your home from the elements. However, it is just as important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you take the same precautions with your roof. This is particularly vital during periods of bad weather conditions including high winds and torrential rain. Here are a few of the activities you should undertake before the poor weather begins.

Check for Damage

A missing tile or shingle here or there may not seem like such a big deal during the summer. However, when the rains set in, this increases the possibility of a leak forming. This means that water can enter into your home and cause plenty of damage. It is more than that, nonetheless. Due to the winds and the water, what was once a small problem may suddenly be magnified, given the circumstances. Therefore, it is best to undertake the necessary repairs before that.

Clean and Repair the Gutters

Gutters are meant to catch the water cascading from the roof and drain it away. However, due to build up, leaves, damage, or rust, these features may not be up to the task. This is why it is a good idea to inspect them beforehand. The easiest task is to remove leaves and debris that may have accumulated there over a period of time. However, if there is damage, you will require gutter repairs in Adelaide. If rusting has taken place, it typically means that your gutters are too old and must be replaced by newer structures.

Inspect the Downspouts

The downspouts have a similar function to the gutters and are responsible for removing rainwater away from the roof. However, it is possible for the downspouts to get clogged as well, although this may be a bit more difficult to detect. This is why you may want to test it out before there is any actual rain. By removing the clogs, you can ensure that everything will be working smoothly. Another aspect of the downspouts to inspect are the rivets. If there are any loose or missing, you will need to fix it as soon as possible. This should be a task that you can manage by yourself, however.

Get Rid of Weeds

If there have been leaves on your roof for a long period of time, it may have turned into compost. This, in turn, is an ideal environment for weeds to grow. This can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. Therefore, before the bad weather sets in, it is a good idea to take a look up there or get a roofing company to do so. Depending on how much growth there is, you may either be able to use a power washer or have to resort to a weed killer. You should keep in mind to use a method that will not do any additional damage to the roof. Once the weeds are gone, you should check to see if there are any loose tiles or any other issues caused by the vegetation.

As long as these things are tended to, you will be able to brave any storm without any worries at all.


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