Selecting The Right Tree For Your Personality

Sometimes selecting a tree for a garden is like selecting a work of art for your house. Not only will a fully-grown tree have a significant impact on the appearance of your landscape when fully grown, but it can also change the total value of your property. A good tree is an asset to any garden or landscape, providing the right amount of shade and foliage for the space, while providing a play area, talking point and feature item for families in years to come.

A bad tree negatively impacts buildings, pipes and drains. It falls over or drops limbs at exactly the wrong time, and may even significantly decrease the value of your property. So how do you avoid planting the wrong tree? Find your ideal tree soulmate through the following questions.

Experience exciting colour through foliage

Deciduous trees provide an amazing complementation to the changing seasons. There is nothing quite like an autumn experienced through the reds, yellows and brown colours of deciduous leaves. They can also be the best choice for serious gardeners, letting winter light into the garden during the shorter months, and creating an amazing canopy for protection against the summer sun. The fallen leaves also provide an excellent mulch, and some deciduous varieties provide beautiful flowers in spring.

Sick of the dull winter?

If you are the type of person who prefers the vibrancy of summer colours over the bleak sight of winter branches and cold nights, an evergreen is a tree for you. Evergreens create dense bushy foliage all year around maintaining their green leaves regardless of the temperature. While the rest of the neighbourhood enters hibernation for the winter months, you can still experience a green view from the warmth of your living room.

What about the natives!

Native plants are the best-suited plant life to the variable weather changes we experience in Melbourne. They did have several hundred years to adapt the place after all. Not only are the trees themselves hardier in storms, varied weather and frigid temperatures of our cold city, they also require less maintenance. Natives suit a range of environments and can be used in both urban, suburban and more rural properties. If you are sick of fragile imported trees not faring well in a sudden frost, then a native might be the tree for you. Natives are virtually indestructible, so they also suit busy homeowners and those not particularly skilled at keeping plants alive.

Regardless of the tree species you choose, a tree can liven up any landscape. However, do not simply go down to your local nursery and buy the prettiest tree you can find. A tree is a purchase that will live for a long time and can change significantly over the cycle of its life span. As Daryl’s Tree Care and Surgery knows all too well, the wrong tree can cause more pain and heartache than an initial purchase. As specialists in tree removal for Melbourne properties, they recommend researching the size before planting. While you might know your tree soulmate, consider if your current property can support a fully-grown tree of its species before rushing out to purchase.


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