Truly Interesting and Useful Birthday Gift Ideas

Don’t want to give another birthday gift that might just go to waste? Here are several ideas for birthday gifts that the recipient could actually put to use in a meaningful manner:

Mini Juice Makers

It’s perhaps not the most original gift idea, but a juice maker can be a genuinely useful gift for a college student or an apartment dweller. It’s also on the cheap side too. When you are cash strapped but still want to make an impression, this might do it. But make sure the recipient doesn’t already own a juice maker.

Children’s Dressers, Desks, Chairs

If the gift recipient is becoming a teenager or graduating from primary school, why not give them kids bedroom furniture? Unlike adult furniture, desks or wardrobes for kids are generally less expensive. You can certainly impress the parents with such a gift as well. Don’t limit yourself to jut child’s room furniture either. Outdoor furniture for children would be an excellent choice as well.

A Cheese Board

Most of us love eating cheese, but how many of us actually own cheeseboards? It’s one of those kitchen utensils that we need but rarely buy. So get one as a gift for a friend or a family member. They would definitely appreciate it. Like cheese, cheeseboards can be fancy on occasion. But not too expensive to cost a small fortune. This might be as close to a perfect gift as you might get.

Apple AirPods

They are expensive and controversial. But if you have an iPhone X user, they might be craving a pair of AirPods. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have two pairs of AirPods, given that they are completely wireless. As AirPods are quite expensive, this would be a gift that the recipient really treasures.

An Umbrella That Doesn’t Break Easily

Flimsy umbrellas are quite common. There are, however, sturdier options that cost a bit more than a the average umbrella. This could be a truly nice and usable gift for a birthday in the rainy season. You can look up sturdy umbrellas online. Most are branded, but the price would really be worth it.

Tinned Lip Balm

Gift lip balm as a budget-friendly birthday gift in the summer. Choose a unique flavour or a colour. You can even choose an expensive brand. It’s a fun gift that would definitely be put to use in the hot months.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This would definitely make the birthday gal or guy squeal in delight. An automated vacuum cleaner is a great addition to any home. The recipient will no longer have to hunker over and clean the room; the automated machine would do it with pre-programming.

Keyboard Case for a Smartphone or a Tablet

Smartphones now usually substitute for computers. But typing on tiny digital keyboards of phone can be bit of a pain. A smartphone case with a keyboard essentially allows the user to transform the phone into just a screen. If you know people who work on their phone (which is pretty much everyone now), a keyboard case could be the perfect gift they are looking for. There are similar cases for tablets too.

Choose any of the above suggestions based on the budget and what the recipient likes. Make sure the recipient doesn’t already own what you are gifting, unless it’s a reusable item.


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